My Vision


To show God's love to every patient I encounter

To show the world that there is a better way to practice...a way that is compassionate, friendly, accessible, un-rushed, and loving, all while providing the highest quality of care

For my patients to feel more like friends and family, and to make each one feel special and cared for

To renew the sacred doctor-patient relationship

To solve medical problems and achieve true wellness

To do justice, love mercy and walk humbly


For my patients to prosper and be in good health

To have the most blessed and influential gynecology practice in Central Florida


I believe that medicine should be centered around what is best for the patient, not around production and bonuses

I believe that every patient is special and valuable

I believe in being a woman of integrity

I believe in giving back, and that is why I volunteer as the medical director of First Baptist's Crisis Pregnancy Center

I believe in the principle of the tithe, so that is why 10% of all revenue is donated to organizations (Joseph Prince Ministries, The Christian Service Center, TKCI) that feed and clothe the poor, care for children and widows, work to prevent human trafficking, and other humanitarian outreaches

I believe in random acts of kindness

In sum: People Matter. Relationships Matter.