1. I'm unapologetically Christian
  2. I'm a vegan
  3. My hair is natural, and I usually wear it in a curly afro
  4. My husband played professional football for the New York Giants, and went to a Superbowl
  5. I graduated from Duke University Undergrad
  6. I LOVE Duke Basketball
  7. I hardly know what to do with myself once March Madness is over
  8. My Ma-Maw (paternal grandmother) is my hero
  9. I dream of having an amazing garden, but can't keep a plant alive for anything
  10. I don't believe there should be a such thing as monster flying roaches (they are all over Charleston, SC, where I attended medical school!)
  11. I don't watch much tv, but when I do, I like: Project Runway, The Voice, The Blacklist, All of US, and everything on HGTV.
  12. I learned how to drive a stick before I learned how to drive an automatic (my dad taught me)
  13. I never wear makeup, yet I absolutely love Sephora
  14. I wrote and published a book
  15. I Love Lucy is my favorite show of all time
  16. I kind of wish I could live the farm life like Chip and Joanna Gaines
  17. My business gives 10% of its revenue to charity
  18. I watch sermons by Joseph Prince or Bill Winston every day
  19. I like playing tennis and doing stand-up paddleboarding
  20. I only recently found out that the song "Who Are You" is not just just the theme song for CSI
  21. I LOVE Whole Foods and Trader Joes
  22. I am so sad that Daya closed. It was my favorite vegan restaurant in Orlando...but Dixie Dharma and Ethos are also awesome
  23. Farmer's markets make me happy
  24. Videos of babies dancing and laughing uncontrollably make me super happy
  25. I wish was a little bit taller
  26. I initially seem serious, but am actually super silly
  27. I love to read
  28. My 2 kids (Kallie, 6 and Asher 6 months) are the most awesome little people I know!