What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) provides a solution to problems plaguing our current health care delivery system: rushed office visits, fragmented care , difficult access to a physician, and long wait times for an appointment. The “Direct” in Direct Primary Care refers to the relationship between a patient and his or her physician. Instead of relying on payments from insurance companies the doctor receives payment directly from her patients, through a pay as you go fee. The simplicity of this relationship allows for easy access, personalized care and a true collaboration between patient and physician. Since the physician no longer needs to pay additional staff to collect payment from the insurers, report data, and chase down collections, the cost of providing exceptional medical care decreases dramatically. Most DPC doctors limit their patient panels to guarantee full, convenient access for their established patients.

FAQ about DPC through The Office of Dr. T. F. Lewis:

If I haven’t met my insurance deductible, will I have to pay full price for labs and X-rays?

If you choose to use your insurance to pay for labs, yes you will. If you decide that you would like to pay for them out of pocket the prices are generally discounted.


I have Medicare. Can you still be my provider?

Yes. We will both have to sign a one-time waiver declaring that neither you nor I will submit a bill to Medicare for services provided at The Office of Dr. T. F. Lewis. Medicare should still pay for any medically necessary tests, labs, or hospitalizations, just as they always have.


Can a Health Savings Account be used to pay for my weight loss visits?

If you have any health issue at all that can be linked to being overweight or obese, most likely, but you should check with your individual HSA guidelines.


What type of payment do you accept?

You can either pay with cash or debit/credit card. My pricing is transparent, and is on the website at www.drlewisgyn.com/pricing.

If you are uninsured:
I have negotiated a great self-pay discount for pap smears and for many other labs. The cost for the pap and any other necessary labs will be added to the price of the visit.
If you have insurance with out-of-network benefits:
I can give you a receipt and the proper codes so that you can submit a claim to your insurance to get some reimbursement for the cost of your visit.  Also if you need a pap or any labs, your insurance should cover these.

***Please see the above link for information regarding special pricing options for students and those with financial hardships.


What is your cancellation policy?

Because I only see a few patients a day (so that I can spend ample time with each patient), it is very important that you keep your appointment. Please call or email me ASAP if you need to cancel or reschedule, so that someone else can take your slot. There is a $50 fee for cancelling or rescheduling without at least 24 hours advance notice. Thanks in advance for understanding this, and for helping me to run an efficient and effective practice!


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