My Story

Dr. Tameika T. F. Lewis, the daughter of two pastors, was born in Virginia and raised in several states across the country. She graduated from Duke University, and then attended the Medical University of South Carolina for medical school. After completing medical school she performed an OBGYN residency at Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center in Greenville, SC. She is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who enjoys learning, and generally completes 50 hours of continuing medical education every year.

After years of practicing medicine in different capacities, Dr. Lewis gained invaluable experience in several areas of medicine. However, she also became fed up with assembly-line medicine, where clinics have become little more than manufacturing plants, and where the patients are often treated poorly. Because Dr. Lewis has always valued relationships over productivity, she decided to open her independent practice late 2016.

Patient-centered, evidence-based care is Dr. Lewis's focus; and she serves her community with a heart of joy and gratitude. Because she believes that relationships are important and therapeutic, she only sees a handful of patients per day. This allows appointment slots to be prolonged, so that problems can actually be addressed and solved, and the sacred physician-patient relationship can be restored.

Because this is a direct patient care practice,  the time Dr. Lewis would normally spend documenting, coding, and fighting with insurance companies she now spends with her patients. She has the flexibility to be to her patients more than just a physician...she is an educator, a compassionate listener, a kind friend, and shining example of God's Love - and she looks forward to serving as your physician!

Dr. Lewis's areas of interest include general office gynecology, integrating spirituality with medicine, vegan nutrition, aesthetic medicine, and the optimization of  health. She believes in treating patients more like family, and that it is a privilege and an honor to care for them.

Dr. Lewis also enjoys spending time with her husband Kevin and their two children: Kallie 6, and Asher, 6 months. Her passions include reading, traveling, eating great vegan food, visiting farmers' markets, attending art festivals, watching Christian programming/preaching, and spending time with family and friends.