Well Woman Exam (Yearly Physical): $300 - Now $240

This is a preventive care exam and includes the price of the pap smear (it does not include price of labs or other tests)


Problem Visit: $200 - Now $160

Evaluation of a few simple problems, or one problem that is more compex (examples: visit for birth control, infection check, irregular bleeding, etc)


Follow-up Visit: $100 - Now $80

Simple and quick follow-up visit to discuss lab results, the effect of treatment, adjust medication, answer any questions, fill out paperwork, etc.


*** Students with a valid student ID will receive a 50% discount on the above REGULAR prices***


Telemedicine/Virtual Visit: $60

If you are unable to come in person for a follow up visit, or you would like a second opinion, the visit can be performed via telephone consult or video chat (using google duo app)...I can see residents of North Carolina and Florida for telemedicine visits



In office procedures vary according to the procedure, and the cost of each procedure is in addition to the visit cost. Currently procedures include: colposcopy, biopsy, incision and drainage of cysts/abscesses, and IUD insertion and removal. Call or email for prices of certain procedures.





The DPC Model

"I got into medicine because I want to really help make a difference. To heal, and connect with my patients... Not to fill out paperwork and haggle with insurance companies!"

DPC stands for "direct patient care". Direct care is exactly what it sounds like – medical care directed straight at the patient. No insurance middle man, no red tape and certainly no opportunity for things to get lost in translation. This essentially means that the contract and relationship is with you, the patient, and not with insurance companies.

A direct care doctor deals with patients one-on-one, from both treatment and billing perspectives. As a direct care physician in a micro-practice, Dr. Lewis sees fewer patients and spend more time with each one – whenever the patient needs it.  Without the hoops that insurance companies force the traditional primary care physician to jump through, she can spend more time doing what she signed up for in the first place – providing fantastic quality healthcare.

So rather than bill insurance, Dr. Lewis bills her patients directly at the time of service. The patient is then able to bill their own insurance (if they have out of network benefits) to recoup a majority of their out of pocket costs.  



***Nobody is turned away for lack of money. Ask Dr. Lewis if you need special assistance. Barter and trade options also avaliable.

***Dr. Lewis puts her heart and soul into her patient appointments. If at any time you don't feel that you and she are a good match, you may seek care elsewhere and she will forward your records to the physician of your choice.

***Cash and debit/credit cards are acceptable methods of payment.




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